Travel has always been a high priority in my life, but for reasons I’ll go into in a later article I’ve been on lock down in New Zealand these last two years.

But, with the clouds about to part ways… I can feel my feet getting very very itchy again.

I’m a firm believer that money is best spent on experiences, so with that here’s all the things I’ve gotten out heading abroad. If you’re going to do anything awesome today, decide to travel somewhere new. Live a little, make a commitment and go do it!

Travel is awesome because it gives you…

1. Perspective. I personally think that our expectations for living in modern society are bordering on ridiculous. Travel gives us a chance to slow-down and have a little holiday from the fast pace and recognize what’s important.

2. New eyes. Every time I travel all the things I’ve made assumptions about in life change.

4. Education. Travel helps us learn more about the world we live in, the people, the places and our history.

5. Healing. Travel gives us space and time to heal and really helps us get a new pep in your step for life.

6. Confidence. There’s something awesome about going somewhere for the first time, the great fear of the unknown and coming out the other side. That to me is living life.

7. Habit Breaking. A lot of the time our current habits are attached to our current lives. Just going somewhere new can break those habits just by a simple location change.

8. Appreciation. Traveling to places less fortunate then where I come from always makes me appreciate what I have more.

9. Self Discovery. Travel re-connects you with you. Feeling lost? Step away from where you are for a while and I guarantee you’ll learn something new about yourself.

10. Connection. The more you travel the more you realize that while lifestyles around the world are vastly different. As human beings we are all the same. Take away our over-thinking minds and at the core of our being, it’s easy to see we all want to feel connected, love and be loved.

Hugs x

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