It’s On Again! Our “Awesome August Photo-A-Day Challenge”…

Why do this? There are actually a few reasons. One, it will be fun. Two, as talked about in our article on the 3 Good Things concept, people are happier when they show gratitude and appreciation for the things in their lives. Many studies have also shown that images are a more powerful way to do this than words. So, we made a list of 31 things to take photos of that will hopefully make you appreciate the things that you have, but also highlight some of the key things that make people happier in their lives. And three, most of us like taking photos so this is an excellent way to hone your skills with a purpose that gets you 31 interesting photos at the end of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your $5000 DSLR or your cheap camera phone, these days great pictures come from everywhere!

Here’s How It Works…

Take your photo on the day as it corresponds on our list.
This project will live predominantly on Facebook, but also on Twitter and Instagram, so what you need to do is take the photo and upload it to your favourite one (or all) of those social media platforms. If you post it to Facebook, remember, you MUST make the post public and tag #LMAAUGUST. This will allow us to see the photo so we can include it in our ‘best of’ posts. If you upload it to Twitter of Instagram then just tag it with #LMAAUGUST. Please upload the best quality photo you can. The best photos will be collated and shared in our update posts.

What Do I Take Pictures Of?

Awesome August Photo-A-Day Challenge

Each Photo Explained:

1. A Happy Self Portrait – We’d love to get to know you and you should be happy, you’re starting an amazing challenge!
2. The Sunset – Take a photo of it. Then stop and reflect. Take at least 5 minutes to realise how AWESOME it is. (Hopefully it’s a lovely night!)
3. Your Passion – What is it you LOVE to do? We want to see a photo of it.
4. I’d Be Lost Without… – Who or what MUST you have in your life to make it complete?
5. Holding Hands – Human touch is amazing at helping increase happiness and fight depression, hold someone’s hand and send us a photo of it.
6. Your Handwritten Goal – Goals are one of the best things at moving your life forward and making you happy. Check out my post on “How Goals Saved My Life” to see what they did for me…plus, they work 10,000 times better if you write them down on paper.
7. Giving A Gift – It’s better to give than receive, so they say…and they’re right! Give someone you love (or a random stranger) a gift and watch how they light up. We’d love to see a photo of the gift (it doesn’t have to be expensive, a picked flower is free!) or a photo of how happy you made them.
8. The Book You Are Reading – You should read, for enjoyment, or for knowledge. Just read… it does wonders for your mental health. AND… (WARNING! Shameless Plug!) If you feel like reading a CRAZY and hilarious story, you should read my book, “A Bit Mental”, seriously, it gets great reviews! And since you’re part of this challenge if you use the coupon code “LMAAugust” you’ll get 20% off. (Enter coupon code in the “Shopping Cart” section, not the “Checkout” section.)
9. A Night Out – Whatever a night out is for you, party, dinner, walk in the evening, you should just get out of the house tonight.
10. YAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOO! – We all need more yahoos, seriously. This is a prescription, do something today that makes you yahoo, inside or out, then take a picture of it.
11. I Made It Myself – Making things is cool. Either make something small right now or take a picture of something that you made previously and are proud of.
12. It’s The Little Things – This song by Trinity Roots is one of my favourites… here. It’s the little things that really matter, what are those things to you?
13. Something We Don’t Know About You – We probably don’t know a lot about you, but we’d love to see a photo of something a little bit personal, maybe something that even some of your friends don’t know about you.
14. The Best Part Of Where You Work – No sarcastic photos! I’m sure there’s something or someone at your work that makes it awesome.
15. A Good Deed – Try it. It’s amazing. For you and the person that you’re helping out. Then take a photo of it…
16. Up High – Sometimes life needs a little bit of perspective. Get up high, wherever you are and see just how amazing everything is, then take a photo of it.
17. Water – Water is our life blood. Drink a lot of it! It was a major factor in helping my depression. Plus, it’s beautiful, so take a wonderful shot of it.
18. Guilty Pleasure – We all have our guilty pleasures, what’s yours?
19. Your Favourite Thing – Pretty self explanatory really…
20. The Sunrise – Get up early. Do it. Even if it’s only today. I’m pretty sure sunrises are so much more special than sunsets because you’re one of the few people watching them.
21. Exercise – You! Not other people. Do some, get a photo of it.
22. Your Best Friend – Friends are amazing, they get us through the worst of it and are with us at the best. Take a picture of yours.
23. A Thank You Note – People should be thanked, it makes them happy and feel like they’re worthwhile, pick someone, maybe even someone unexpected (ie: not your partner) and thank them for something that they have done. Expressing gratitude has been proven to make you feel happier too. Win-win!
24. An Adventure – It’s Saturday! Go on a little (or big) adventure! Take an awesome photo to make me envious…
25. In The Sun – Vitamin D is key to your health. It’s the middle of winter, but I’m working hard on making this Sunday SUNNY!
26. Childhood Memory – Some of our happiest memories are as children, take a photo that takes you back there…
27. I’m Grateful For… – Gratitude, as spoken about at the top, is key to happiness. Take a photo of something that you are grateful for…
28. Your Happy Place – Could be your bed, the golf course, the garden, wherever… Go to your happy place.
29. A Stranger You Met Today – Now we’re getting serious: People are awesome, and we’ve met so very few of them! Meet someone new today, tell them you’re doing this challenge and they need to have their photo taken with you, they won’t bite, I promise!
30. Your Neighbour – We don’t tend to know our neighbours anymore, so today get out there and introduce yourself to the neighbour you don’t know, take a picture with them and make your local community that little bit better.
31. Something Awesome – This is the end, top it off with something awesome.

And last, but not least, we would really like to get this photo adventure out there as much as we can, so if you would be so kind, please share this page or the image itself with your friends.

Love you long time.

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