Whilst I was traipsing around the country giving out milk to random New Zealanders I was propositioned by a girl on Facebook, unfortunately it wasn’t that kind of proposition, she just wanted to talk marketing… Boo.

So when I was in Dunedin I met up with her at a bar and she had bought a friend as well (probably for protection, I’m a dogdy looking bastard). He was a nice chap and so we all started talking. We talked about life, business, depression and a million other things inbetween. I like chatting to people about all those things and I’m not sure the pair of them got many words in during our four hour rendezvous. Sorry.

I must have made some sort of impact on them though. I got this in the mail today. (Click here for full size photo.)

It’s a bottle full of awesome. Literally.

My favourite part is the “warning”:

“WARNING: By choosing to Live More Awesome you may experience overwhelming feelings of fulfillment. In the likely case of LMA over dosage; run, scream, jump, laugh, live until a stranger questions your existance. Retaliate by sharing stories and LIVEMOREAWESOMIDE with new friend.”

My least favourite part is the “danger skull”!!!

Inside the bottle was three tins of smiles. They did make me smile.

I think the whole point of this article is 1. To show you the cool present I got. 2. To show you how infectious awesome is. Seriously. Your attitude inspires and infects those around you. So stop and think, you’re not only doing this for you, you’re doing it for EVERYONE. And that IS awesome.

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