A while back I wrote an article about bucket lists, you can read it here… Basically the jist of it is that they don’t really work. Goals need an appropriate timeline and “before I die” is the most useless and weak timeline you could ever set. So I introduced you to LMA Lists, lists of awesome goals that had to be completed in the next three years. Much better time line…

But here’s the next step… It’s called LifePoints.

Step 1: Join the LifePoints group on Facebook.

Step 2: Set a goal. Something like… “I want to be able to do a running backflip off a wall in the next 4 months!”
There I go, I’ve set a fun goal with a reasonable timeline and I’ve made it public to all my LifePoints friends. Now, I’d better get started making this happen!

One of the cool things about a group like this is that there will be someone who will say something like, “Hey Jimi! I’ve always wanted to do that too. Why don’t we learn together?” Perfect. Now I have some moral support in my journey.

Another cool thing is that there will be people in the group who will also be able to help you make your goals a reality. “Hey Jimi! I’m a gymnastics coach down at xyz gym, you guys should pop down here after work and I’ll teach you how to do it!”

Step 3: Post regular updates to the group to show all the other people how you’re doing. We care, we want to know what’s going on…

Step 4: Video or photograph you achieving your goal. Post it on the page. High fives all round for you my friend! We love celebrating successes.

Step 5: Gain LifePoints. Mythical creatures who make you and everyone around you happy. Creatures that you have and the people sitting on the couch do not.

It’s about that simple people. Come over and join our brand new community of people helping other people be more awesome. There’s really only one basic rule: Don’t be a dick. Everything else is awesome!

Join LifePoints.



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