There’s a smart man that I like called Simon Sinek and one of my favourite quotes of his is;

“A community is a group of people who decide to grow together”.

I want us to be a community and I want us to grow together. We already kind of are and kind of do but we could always do a little better. So I’m happy to announce a new monthly challenge series, #LMAchallenge. It’s pretty simply really, each month we pick an act or habit that would improve our mental health and make a decision to do it every day for a month.

This months challenge is to go for a 30 minute walk every day for the month of May.

This isn’t about adding up all your walking over the day and seeing if it totals 30 minutes, this is about setting aside one 30 minute block, going outside and going for a walk. This is partially for physical health, there are a multitude of studies out there showing how 30 minutes of walking each day can help you lose weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and improve fitness, but this practice is also to concentrate on your mental health. 30 minutes of walking per day can help you reduce your stress levels, interact with friends or your partner, get you into nature, increase your endorphins and serotonin levels, increase your Vitamin D levels with exposure to the sun and give you time to practise meditation or mindfulness.

Sometimes it can get a little boring simply walking around your house, so maybe you could get together with a few people and go for a walk out in the bush.

Stuck at work all day? Try walking meetings. Instead of having a coffee or sitting in a meeting room, go for a walk. Some of our greatest minds, including people like Einstein, swear by it. When you walk you activate your five senses, you increase blood flow, oxygen and glucose to the brain. Studies show that walking also increases learning ability, concentration and abstract reasoning. Some studies also suggest that “executive” style brain functions such as planning, organisation and the ability to mentally juggle different intellectual tasks at the same time are improved. The other good thing is that you can make meetings really stay on time. If your meeting is half an hour, you simply walk out for 15 minutes, turn around, walk back. When you get back the meeting is finished.

We’ve started a new Facebook group to help you out:

You can also use the hashtag #LMAchallenge to see how everyone else is doing during the month.

Need other help to stay on track? Check out this article for apps that can help you stick to a goal:

This is a place where you can ask questions, get help and find people who you can either do the challenge with or be accountable to. A group of people who have decided to grow together.

So there it is… our first monthly challenge. Starting mentally healthy habits is key to looking after yourself and leading a more awesome life. Remember, the best project you will ever work on is yourself!

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